Inertisation against explosive dust, gas and liquids.





Yara Industrial GmbH : Intelligent systems and safety solutions with inert gases.


Detecting sources of danger.

The hazards caused by so-called hot spots or smoldering fires, sudden spontaneous combustion and explosions lurk everywhere in industry and business, storage, processing and when transporting combustible powders and liquids.

As an effective preventive measure, Yara offers innovative technological systems based on inert gases. Inert gases have a low level of reactivity, and reduce the oxygen concentration to below the critical level.

Through the use of intelligent systems in the receptacles and equipment requiring protection, inert gas prevents the occurence of critical operating conditions from within and consequently any resulting explosions and fires.



Yara Industrial GmbH : Safety Concepts for complex requirements.


The utilized materials :

The following inert gases are recommended.


  • Carbon dioxide

  • Nitrogen

  • Stream

  • Flue gases or

  • Noble gases



Complying with regulations.

In co-operation with the insurers for occupational accidents, legislation has privided all users and shippers involved in this critical area with strict regulations and safety requirements, which must be adhered to,


On international level the ATEX regulations have to be considered for explosion prevention. In addition the guidelines CEN/TR 1528, VDI 2263-2 and BGV C15 are used.

As an effective preventive measure YARA offers innovative technological systems based on inert gases. Inert gases have a low level of reactivity and reduce the Oxygen concentration  to below the critical level.


By use of intelligent systems in ther machinery and equipment reqiring protection, inert gas prevents the occurence of critical operating conditions from within and consequently any resulting explosions and fires.

YARA offers a complete service package, starting with the determination of the state of risks up to the ready to use start up of the inertization plant.


The use of inert gases effectively prevents the spontaneous combustion of flammable dust, liquids, and gases as well as the oxidation of oxygen sessitive products. 




Specially adopted technology.

Depending on the individual task or existing flow of material during processing Yara will prepare a customer -specific concept consisting of the utilized media and reliable processing technology inclusive of the appropriate control technology for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials.


An efficient safety concept therefore consists of the perfected technical analysis of the actual condition of the potential hazardous situation.

This is followed by the selection of the proper inert gas according to the individual requirements and the development of the corresponding processing technology which in turn is based on the areas of utilization and the functions.


In this regards, Yara offers a closed chain of services which extends from the analyses of the condition of the danger through to an examination of the condition of a relevant preventive measure.


YARA : Tried and trusted


The use of Inert gases efficiently, prevents the spontaneous combustion of :

Flammable dust,

Liquids and gases,

as well as the oxidation of oxygen sensitive products.





The protection extends to :

  •  The apparatus and system used during processing

  • Protection to vehicle  e.g. during transport, or

  • Protection to silo e.g. during storage






Main areas of application

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Paint and lacquer industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Thermal combustion plants

Power plants

Foodstuff manufacturing industry
Cement and paper industry

Detergent industry

Adhesive and solvents industry


Functional : Storage and Dosing Yara safety concept includes the calculation of the required gas requirement and its storage as well as the system specific continuous and standby inertization

An interruption in the operational sequence during the inertization is no longer needed.



Technology :

Yara determines the required technical layout for the actual storage receptacle on the site, including all safety equipment and any fittings prescribed required by relevant safety authorities (TÜV in Germany) as well as the requirement for valve stations and monitoring equipment for temperature, oxygen, or carbon dioxide.







Electronics :

The custom tailored electronic equipment includes the required CPU controlled dosing system. This can be activated individually on the equipment itself or automatically via the control room.



Research and Development - Always up to date with YARA

The quality features of the YARA organization which operates worldwide are the consistent application of our production and technological know-how in the areas of gas application and system development.

But gas alone is not he only important factor. We provide our users with the security of always having the latest lewel of development and having access to the latest technology.


The support provided by our Research Center is an additional factor which can provide you with qualified assistance. This is available whenever you have to overcome technological requirements in conjunction with the use af gases.


Engineers and research staff are constantly involved in the on-going development of the systems in order to increase you profitably. 



Our custom tailored products and systems have proven themselves through their level of functionality, their attractive design and their high efficiency.




The comprehensive Yara range of services offers you a competent and safe solution to your requirement.

This includes qualified advice.





Your requirements are our challenges  


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