AltmayerBTD GmbH & Co. KG - Anlagentechnik

From single components to large turn-key systems, AltmayerBTD supplies technically mature, custom-made problem solutions of high quality standard for your bulk material process.


Altmayer was formed in 1924 and today is a medium-size company which in addition to creative power and innovation drive has decades of experience required for the development and production of progressive conveying equipment for bulk materials. Almost all well-known companies with bulk-material handling activities, such as chemical, plastics, cement, wood, pharmaceutical, paper-making industries and power plants, are among our customers.

Wherever bulk materials are treated, AltmayerBTD is available with a wide range of services, new ideas and expert know-how. After careful problem analysis, we supply plants and components of high performance, economy of operation and availability.


In the initial decades, the company planned and produced riveted and welded steel constructions for industrial systems. In the mid-1940s, the product portfolio was diversified and pressure vessels and large silo systems added to the product range.

Numerous silos and vessels holding from 1 to 5,000 m have been delivered and installed in the chemical, plastics, food and cement industries and in power plants.

In the mid-1970s, Altmayer developed into a specialized supplier of equipment for bulk materials. The present department for ensilage, pneumatic conveyance, metering, discharging and plant construction were formed.

The plant construction know-how grew from year to year as ever larger and more complex bulk material systems were produced.

Today, the engineering and specialist know-how enables us to develop and deliver the optimal solution in all areas of bulk materials handling with our own or other suppliers' equipment.

Our customers are big plant construction companies with global presence
and, for specialized solutions, the production firms in the chemical, cement, food and power generation industries.